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Data Protection

The EEC is committed to treating all data responsibly in accordance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and NIRAS’s comprehensive compliance policy (described here). The EEC processes data via an application form hosted on SmartME (a highly secure online cloud based management software for international development funds and projects). On receipt, your data will be handled by the EEC implementing partners to facilitate your interaction with the EEC. The EEC does not provide or sell data obtained through our portal to third parties.

The EEC stores your application data for as long as the EEC remains active, currently foreseen until 20 April 2026. You can request to delete your information at any time by contacting us directly via the EEC website or by emailing us at

The EEC will sometimes capture pictures and recordings of EEC supported entrepreneurs for communication and reporting purposes . Pictures will not contain or disclose confidential data such as names of applicants, company names, or similar without expressed consent. If you object to your picture being taken, please mention during the finalisation of the support agreement to the EEC.