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Eligibility requirements:

EEC seeks to support those SMEs with the highest chance of achieving commercial scale, business professionalism and market impact. Our selection process to access EEC needs-based training will be guided by the following indicators:

  1. Operate in an EEC target country
  2. Be engaged in one or more of the following renewable energy technologies: Higher tier clean cooking (tier 3 to 5), lower tier clean cooking (tier 1-2), biodigesters, organic fertiliser or off-grid solar. The project does not support technologies that involve fossil fuels.

Criteria 1 and 2 are sufficient pre-requisites for a company to be eligible for E-learning based support.

  1. Number of years of business operation
  2. Number of full-time staff
  3. Annual revenue
  4. Submit a complete application form (ie applicants providing as much additional information/documentation will be given higher priority)

In addition, the strength of your Motivation Statement in the application form will carry a lot of weight in getting invited to join EEC group training or a mentor programme.

The EEC facility is committed to having at least 25% participation from women and women-owned enterprises across our three intervention areas. We will work with our programme partners to identify, and encourage women working in this sector to leverage EEC and support their ambitions to scale and grow.

Note: Country-specific application windows to open in the course of 2023.

Application process

Registration and application submission

Eligibility evaluation

SME Screening and Needs Assessment

Assignment of suitable support trajectory

Finalisation of support agreement

Initiation of EEC support

Call for Applications

EEC is delighted to launch its call for applications for provision of business development support to renewable energy enterprises operating in various countries. The application window opens for about 3 weeks and we will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis.

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