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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Navigate to ‘Apply Now’ section below and fill in your application form carefully. Required questions are marked with asterisk mark. If you want to save changes and complete the form later, click Save as draft -button.

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for EEC support?

Standard eligibility criteria to apply for EEC support can be accessed here. The eligibility conditions may differ per country and this will be outlined in the country(ies)-specific application form.

When does EEC on-board new enterprises?

EEC will launch country specific call for applications to on-board new enterprises operating in countries supported by our partner programmes; Africa Biogas Component (ABC) and the Higher Tier Cooking Component (HTCC), and Energising Development (EnDev) Partnership. At this point our focus in on ten target countries (see here). But there may be a possibility in due course that our scope will be further broadened. Information regarding past, current and upcoming call for applications will be published on the EEC website under the tab ‘Call for Applications

How does EEC match enterprises with Business Development Services?

Eligible renewable energy enterprises that apply to the EEC for business development support will undergo an assessment to diagnose SME growth stage, challenges it faces and business development needs. An EEC Relationship Manager will be in touch to validate the enterprise stage of development, barriers to growth, and discuss your company’s most pressing business development needs. Based on this assessment, one or more suitable support trajectories will be recommended for the enterprise. This will take the form of; E-learning; Cohort training; and/ or individual mentoring.

When do I find out whether my application has been accepted or not?

When the Call for applications is closed, the EEC screens applications and communicates results and next steps to the applicants, the timing for which will be outlined in the country-specific call for applications. The status of the application will change accordingly at My applications section in SmartME.

How long will EEC run for?

The implementation timeframe for EEC BDS support is up to October 2025

What does my business stand to gain from EEC

The EEC will offer the best skills, services and expertise in business development services to support your company’s professionalisation and pave the way for your business to tackle issues pertaining to growth, diversification, new product development, scaling up, investment readiness and other related issues crucial to the growth and success of your business. Our suite of business development support services is designed to cater to the needs of companies at different stages of growth (from start-up to mature), with a particular focus on supporting women and women-owned businesses in this sector.

My business seeks funding. Does the EEC also offer financial assistance?

While the EEC does not offer direct financial assistance to enterprises, the EEC can assist your company to become investment ready and interact with financiers to raise funding for your business. Where possible, the EEC will link suitable SMEs that graduate from the EEC training programmes to potential financiers and investors.

What is the duration and level of BDS support I will receive?

Delivery timeframe and frequency of engagement will depend on the business stage of growth, and the support trajectory. BDS content, delivery mechanism and frequency of engagement will be determined based on your company’s stage of development and business development needs. Enterprises will be invited to nominate specific individuals within their company for EEC Business Development Support. Typical timeframes for BDS support for the different support trajectories are indicated below:

  • E-Learning: self paced-average course duration is approximately 8-10 hours, with e-mentoring support from an experienced mentor
  • Cohort training: In-country or online workshops delivered through a series of relevant trainings and assignments to SMEs with comparable business development needs, typically delivered over a duration of 6-8 weeks
  • Individual mentoring: timeframes, format and frequency of engagement to be determined upon detailed SME needs assessment.

How do I improve my chances of becoming an EEC fellow

The strength and (realistic) ambition of your motivation statement in the application will carry a lot of weight. Other factors include:

  • Completion of the application online, providing as much information and additional documentation as possible
  • Commitment from the leadership team of the business towards the BDS support offered by the EEC programme. EEC expects the founder/owner of the business as well as other relevant individuals in management to attend the training and/or mentoring sessions. This is important so as to ensure that the concepts and lessons learned from the programme will be effectively and immediately put to practice by the enterprise.
  • Willingness to learn will be important for the success of the EEC programme and for the benefit of your business.

Is EEC technical assistance provided free of charge?

Yes, BDS support will be provided at no cost to the participants. But we do ask for a substantial commitment in terms of time and dedication to achieve the desired business improvement results

My company has not worked with EnDev, ABC or HTCC before; are we still eligible to access EEC support?

EEC will prioritise companies supported by our partner programmes but we also welcome other companies that meet our standard eligibility criteria to apply