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Empowering Uganda: EEC and ABC as well as EnDev partnerships driving renewable energy solutions

By May 31, 2024July 1st, 2024News

In Uganda, a remarkable synergy between the Energy Enterprise Coach (EEC), the African Biodigester Component (ABC)1 involving SNV and GIZ, and EnDev (GIZ) is spearheading efforts to combat energy poverty. These partnerships are dedicated to promoting clean cooking, off-grid solar solutions and other renewable energy solutions essential for sustainable development and improved livelihoods.

Collaborative efforts
The collaborative efforts between EEC, ABC and EnDev till date have been central to implementing EEC’s initiatives in Uganda. The EEC program focuses on professionalizing clean energy small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), equipping them to scale operations and attract investment. By providing group training, mentorship, and self-paced e-learning, EEC enhances the competitiveness and growth potential of these SMEs.

ABC Uganda, part of a broader program active in multiple African countries, aims to support the biodigester sector by increasing demand through continuous information and awareness campaigns. The project provides business development support through technical training, policy creation, and implementation of standards governing the biodigester sector. On the other hand, EnDev’s activities in Uganda focus on facilitating access to modern energy services for households, including those in refugee settings. By developing markets for solar photovoltaic (PV) and cooking energy technologies, EnDev contributes significantly to the country’s clean energy landscape.

Inspiring success stories
An example of EEC’s impact can be seen through Devine Renewable Energy Company (DRECo), an SME in Uganda in the EEC program. Through EEC’s mentorship, DRECo has optimized its business operations, including refining business models, marketing strategies, human resources, financial accounting, and distribution processes. This comprehensive support has enabled DRECo to offer affordable prefab biogas systems with reliable after-sales support.

Mrs. Grace Namirembe, the Director of DRECo, shares, “The EEC group trainings have been an eye-opener to DRECo’s operations in the energy space. I can now see several changes that will help me grow my company. I’ve had a terrific opportunity to network and gain insights from other business owners. Financial management has been a gap for me as an entrepreneur, but the EEC sessions I have attended thus far have influenced the company’s financial decisions, and I am eager to learn more.”

In May of 2023, the EEC Uganda SMEs participated in the Africa Biodigester Component (ABC) Annual Knowledge Exchange Event in Kampala. Hosted by the ABC project in Uganda, the event featured high-level policy discussions on the biodigester sector, with in-depth insights into areas such as access to finance, carbon finance, and market innovations. This event served as a crucial platform for sharing experiences, discussing challenges, and exploring opportunities to advance the biodigester market in the region.

Through such collaborative efforts, EEC, ABC, and EnDev are not only empowering local entrepreneurs but also contributing significantly to the global Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG7, which focuses on ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all. By providing innovative financing, business development support, and fostering market development, these initiatives are catalysing positive change, enhancing climate resilience, and paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous future for Ugandan communities.

Empowering communities and fostering sustainability
The success of these collaborative efforts extends beyond energy provision. By empowering local communities with sustainable practices, they foster a sense of ownership and responsibility towards environmental conservation. Biodigesters, for example, not only provide a clean cooking solution but also produce organic fertilizer that enhances soil fertility, thereby boosting agricultural productivity and food security.

Moreover, the focus on improving financial management and business operations among SMEs ensures that these businesses can sustainably grow and continue to positively contribute to the local economy, including in job creation. Entrepreneurs like Mrs. Grace Namirembe of DRECo demonstrate how targeted support and mentorship can transform small enterprises, enabling them to thrive and serve their communities more effectively.

A brighter future for Uganda
As Uganda continues to grapple with energy challenges, population growth, and environmental degradation, the efforts of EEC, ABC and EnDev offer a beacon of hope. By promoting clean energy solutions and supporting local enterprises, these organizations are not only addressing immediate needs but also laying the groundwork for long-term sustainable development.

The ongoing work of EEC, ABC and EnDev and the upcoming collaboration with Higher-Tier Clean Cooking Component (HTCC) which is also part of the RVO funded SEE-CC program serves as a testament to the transformative power of collective action. By leveraging the strengths of each partner, they are promoting a robust ecosystem for renewable energy solutions.

1Both EEC and ABC are part of the RVO funded Strengthening Entrepreneurial Eco-system for Clean-Cooking (SEE-CC).

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